Piercing price List:

Lip/Labret/Monroe    $30


Eyebrow    $30


Nostril    $30


Septrum    $30


Bridge     $30


Medusa    $30


Tongue    $30


Smiley    $30


Marley    $30


Dermal Anchor    $60


Surface Piercings    $60


Lobes (both)    $60

Cartilage        $30

Daith         $30

Tragus       $30  


Baby’s First Ear Piercing     $30


Male/Female below the waist    $100

Snake Eyes tongue    $60


Dimples    $60


**All prices include service and jewelry. Jewelry upgrade charges may apply.


**All jewelery changes and cleanings are free services.

** Most Piercings are 16 and older with parental permission. No surface piercings, genitals, dermals or nipples will be preformed on any person under the age of 18, regardless of parental consent. 


 (Parents/Gaurdians MUST BE PRESENT while procedure is being preformed. Please provide appropriate documentation of legal guardianship or underage piercings will not be preformed.)

Piercing After Care

We are here for you MORNING, NOON OR NIGHT! Please do not hesitate to call or text us with any questions or concerns. (256-626-4597 Christina)


1. First, wash your hands thoroughly. You don't want to introduce any bacteria to the piercing because it's an open wound that is vulnerable to infection. So, it's important to never touch your piercing or jewelry with dirty hands.


2. Saturate a cotton ball with warm water and gently wipe away any "crusties" that have gathered around the piercing site. If you have a scab, do not pick at it. Then throw the cotton ball away.


3. Apply a generous amount of unscented liquid soap to your fingertip and apply it to the piercings site/jewelry. Make sure you get the soap everywhere, but rotating your jewelry is not necessary as long as you work the soap around the piercing and jewelry completely. If you do rotated the piercing, this could introduce bacteria from the jewelry and in to the wound causing irritation or even infection.  It's best to just clean the piercing and jewelry throughly without actually moving it.


4. Rinse the piercing and jewelry reveal times with warm water, ensuring that all soap has been removed.


5.Dry your piercing, with a clean paper towel and then dispose of it. 



If standard soap and water isn't your thing, and you'd rather turn the healing up a notch, these products can help keep your piercing nice and clean.


*Emu Oil: This oil is full of fatty acids that can help to reduce inflammation and pain. It's known as a universal healing product that produces exceptional results when healing a piercing.


* H2Ocean: This sea salt saline solution is often used by piercers to help clean the piercing area.


*Saline Solution: Less expensive and more readily available than most other products, saline solution is very effective in soothing and healing a new piercing.It's also an acceptable substitute for sea salt soaks.




*HYDROGEN PEROXIDE- Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria, but it also kills the white blood cells that are attempting to heal your piercing. It can cause irritation and lengthen over all healing time. 


Rubbing alchohol- Alchohol will drum the skin and irritate the raw piercing, which could lead to infection.


Glyoxide- this is a product that contains hydrogen peroxide and hinders healing.


Ear care solution- Solution that are provided by jewelry boutiques and department store piercers usually contain alchohol, hydrogen peroxide and other harmful chemicals that only aggravate a new piercing.


New piercings and some times irritated piercings can greatly benefit from a sea salt soak. This simple remedy can sooth pain and even draw out infection when its done properly.