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  • How do I heal my new tattoo?
    Please visit our aftercare page
  • Do you do Piercings?
    Absolutely! Our wonderful piercers are ready to help you create your new piercing vision! If you're getting your first ear piercings or creating a customized ear theme, or you'd just like a new piece of jewelry, we are here to help you! Please visit our "PIERCING PAGE" to find out more information.
  • How much do piercings cost?
    Our piercings begin at $40 and can vary in cost depending on jewelry selection and the complexity of your piercing's location. Please visit our " PIERCING PAGE" for more information and pricing.
  • How long will my new tattoo and/or piercing take to heal?
    Please see our " AFTER CARE " page for full aftercare instructions.
  • Do you sell aftercare products?
    We proudly carry Recovery after care products for your piercing and tattoo needs. We also sell in-house made kits for tattoos. They include Soap, lotion and a&d ointment. Please visit the shop to pick up your after care products.
  • Can I go swimming or take a shower?
    You shouldn't submerge your fresh tattoo for about 2 weeks. While showering, you can get it wet under the shower stream, however, don't allow it to get completely soaked.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    For Piercings, we are always walk in! For tattoos, we love taking walk ins! ..... When we have the time! Most of our artists are fully booked for 4-6 weeks. However, we do have some artists that open specifically for walk ins. Please call the shop or message our facebook page to find out our availability!
  • Do you TATTOO under 18?
    Lola Rose Tattoo Studio does not tattoo any one under the age of 18, regardless of parental consent. However, it is legal in the state of Alabama. If you need help finding a reputable shop that will tattoo minors, we would be happy to help you locate one! Give us a call or message our facebook page for any questions.
  • Do you PIERCE under 18?
    Yes! We sure do! We love introducing the generations that have come after us to the world of body art! Our piercers are skilled, gentle and informative for any one coming in to have their piercings done! We ask that any one coming in for a piercing other than their lobes be at least 14 years of age. You will need a parent or LEGAL guardian. We will need physical validation of this in the form of Parent or LEGAL guardian's ID cards/Driver's license. Minor's ID/Driver's license -OR- birth certificate. ( Your name MUST match to the name on the parent/LEGAL guardian's ID) If the names do not match, we will need further paperwork to validate the legalities of the connection. ( We don't want to, its legally required for us to preform piercings on minors ) One more note, when a minor is receiving a piercing, the parent/LEGAL guardian must be present. ** WE DO NOT PREFORM NIPPLE OR GENITAL PIERCINGS, SURFACE PIERCINGS OR DERMALS ON MINORS. All piercings are subject to our piercer's expertise as to your body's anatomical condition for piercings.**
  • How much do tattoos cost?
    Tattoos at Lola Rose start at $40 and go up from there. While every artist at Lola Rose charges a little differently, here is a general idea as to how we work. Please visit our " TATTOOS" page to find an artist! Message your artist or our facebook page to send them your ideas. They will give you a cost estimate based on the details you give them. Please visit our "APPOINTMENTS" page to see a list of potential information your artist will need to know. Most artists will give you a quote based on the piece vs. by an hourly rate. While, yes, tattoos cost money and we are paid for our work, we want to ensure every one is comfortable with the cost of their tattoo and all parties involved know what they will be spending. We value transparency and like to have every one on the same page. * Ain't nothin funny about ya money! * For larger pieces ( Sleeves, back pieces etc ) we generally charge by session for those. Again, every artist charges differently for their tattoos and work at different paces. Please message us for more information and to request a quote!
  • How can I get a consultation for a tattoo?
    A consultation is a great way to discuss your tattoo ideas, get a cost estimate and let your artist see what they're working with before you get to your appointment. Consultations are free for the client and a great way to interact with your artist before committing to any project! A consultation is free, however, preferably should be scheduled to ensure there is time for you artist to give you their full time and attention. Walk in consultations are welcome if you're just trying to get a general idea and see the shop. Consultations can be done in person, by text or messenger. Please visit our " TATTOO" page to find an artist! Piercing consultations can be done as well by visiting the shop, calling or messaging your selected piercer.
  • Are children welcome in the shop?
    While we love kids, we ask that if they can stay at home- they do. If they're older children, and can keep themselves entertained, they're welcome to come. We have found that younger children tend to get bored and like to run around/touch everything. We have a lot of breakable things in the shop, and would hate for you to have to replace them. Our General rule of thumb here at Lola Rose is " No children under 14 - unless they are getting their ears pierced." Please keep children under control and/or supervised at all times. We ask that no one under 14 come into the procedure rooms.
  • What can I expect on my appointment day?
    When you enter the shop, we will confirm your tattoo idea. We will look over any sketches or drawings we have prepared for you or go over your idea and references if you are a walk in. Once sizing and placement have been determined and confirmed, we will create a stencil for your tattoo- unless it's a freehand project, and in that case we will draw it on once we get to the procedure area. You will fill our your tattoo release, we will take a copy of your I.D. Once this is done, we will set up our procedure area and place the stencil. Once dried, we will start tattooing! Please make sure you have plenty of rest, limit caffeine, are sober, and have had a good meal before coming for you tattoo. If you tend to swell, ibuprofen is recommended if you are able to take that medication. Please notify your artist if you have or plan to use numbing cream before you even apply it. Generally speaking, we don't have issue with the specific brand of cream we use here at Lola Rose. Other brands tend to create difficulty with the skin. Every person's skin reacts differently to numbing cream and tattoo application. Message the shop or your artist with any questions!
  • How do I book an appointment?
    Please visit our " APPOINTMENTS" page for more information.
  • Do you sell shirts?
    Yep. Sweatshirts/tanks too!
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