Frequently asked questions

How do I heal my new tattoo?

While there are several good ways to heal a fresh tattoo, we recommend for you to do the following. Leave your bandage on until you get home. This is very important, as your fresh tattoo is a technically a FRESH WOUND.Your bandage keeps germs, bacteria and viruses out until you are able to get home and wash it. If its for 20 minutes, or 2 hours. LEAVE IT ON! Make sure you have CLEAN hands when handling your new tattoo. Remove the bandage and wash your tattoo gently with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. ( DIAL soap is a great choice.) Rinse with water and PAT dry with a clean paper towel. You will want to wash your tattoo this way twice daily for two weeks. To Moisturize, you can apply an UNSCENTED LOTION. ( Not " original scent". TRUST US... it will burn like the dickens. ) LUBRIDERM, EUCERINE etc.are great choices. If you feel you need a little extra moisture, use a VERY SMALL amount of A&D ointment. ( Diaper rash ointment ) Do NOT use NEOSPORIN or BASITRASIN. These will remove your ink. Your tattoo will peel while it is healing, similar to a sunburn. DON'T pick or scratch. You could potentially pull your color out with the dead skin flakes. After your tattoo's top layer is healed you should use sunscreen to prolong the life of your tattoo.

Do you sell aftercare?

Yes, we sure do. We sell kits for $7. They include Soap, lotion and a&d ointment. We also sell Aftercare for Piercings. They are $10. They include Sea salt, antibacterial soap in a reusable bottle, cotton balls and cotton swabs.

How long will it take to heal?

Your tattoo will take 4-6 weeks to heal. It will look healed in about 2, but please be careful with it, as it's still a fresh tattoo under the top epidermal layers. For piercing healing information, please see our " piercings " page by clicking the " piercings" tab at the top of the website.

Can I go swimming or take a shower?

You shouldn't submerge your fresh tattoo for about 2 weeks. While showering, you can get it wet under the shower stream, however, don't allow it to get completely soaked.

Do you take walk-ins?


How much do tattoos cost?

Our shop minimum is $40. Generally speaking, this is for small name/word tattoos, wrist/ finger tattoos, small black tattoos and things that can be done in under half an hour. Small tattoos: anything that can be done in under 1-2.5 hours, are quoted before you get your appointment set. We determine how long we think the tattoo will take, consider the complexity and give you a cost. We try NOT to quote tattoos by the hour. This is generally reserved for pieces that are larger in size- where it's not sure how long it will take. We like to give quotes outright before the project is started, so it's more about that art, than it is about how much the piece will cost. Half day sessions: Half day sessions are 4 hours long. ( 3 for tattooing and 1 for prep/breaks) Generally speaking, these cost $250-400. Full day sessions: Full day sessions are 8 hours long. ( 6 for tattooing and 2 for prep/breaks.) Generally speaking, these are $500-800.

How can I get a consultation for a tattoo?

A consultation is a great way to discuss your tattoo ideas, get a cost estimate and let your artist see what they're working with before you get to your appointment. Consultations are free for the client and a great way to interact with your artist before committing to the project! A consultation is free, however should be scheduled to ensure there is time for you artist to give you their full time and attention. Consultations can be done via text/facetime, in person and via email/fb messanger. If you're not sure if you need a consultation, contact us any ways under our " appointments" tab, and we will contact you about your tattoo design!

Are children welcome in the shop?

While we love kids, we ask that if they can stay at home- they do. If they're older children, and can keep themselves entertained, they're welcome to come. We have found that younger children tend to get bored and like to run around/touch everything. We have a lot of breakable things in the shop, and would hate for you to have to replace them. Please keep children under control and/or supervised at all times. We ask that no one under 12 come into the procedure rooms.

What can I expect on my appointment day?

When you enter the shop, we will confirm your tattoo idea. We will look over any sketches or drawings I have prepared for you, and/or find any referance pictures we need for the tattoo! Once sizing and placement have beeen determined and confirmed, I will create a stencil for your tattoo- unless it's a freeehand project, and in that case we will draw it on once we get to the procedure area. You will fill our your tattoo release, we will take a copy of your I.D. Once this is done, we will set up our procedure area and place the stencil. Once dried, we will start tattooing! If you book a half/full day of tattooing, we will take scheduled breaks. Please bring any snacks or drinks you would like, or there is a subway next door to the shop you can purchase food at before the tattoo begins.

How do I book an appointment?

See our " appointments" tab to fill out an intake form. Call or visit the shop, or message us through facebook.

Do you sell shirts?

Yep. Sweatshirts/tanks too!

Do you do Piercings?

YES! We have a fabulous piercing artist here at Lola Rose Tattoo Studio. We offer a private piercing room for all your piercing needs! For more information regaurding piercings visit our piercing page by clicking the " piercings" tab at the top of the website.

How much do piercings cost?

Piercings start at $30 ( including jewlery) and go from there depending on placement and complexity. Please visit our " piercings" page so see a full price list.

Do you TATTOO under 18?

We here at Lola Rose do NOT tattoo minors. While it is legal in the state of Alabama, we don't tattoo anyone under the age of 18. However, if you would like a piercing, we can offer piercing to any one 15+ with a parent or legal gaurdian present.

Do you PIERCE under 18?

Yes! We sure do! if you are 15 or older, we can pierce you WITH your parent or gaurdian present. We will need a birth certficiate or an ID for the minor being pierced as well as the ID for the parent or gaurdian signing. ( We will not do nipples, below the belt or dermal on minors. )