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Are you ready for your new tattoo? Have you finally decided to get that piercing you’ve been dreaming about? Great! We’re ready to get you taken care of!
If you are interested in getting a tattoo with one of our artists, here is how you go about it! First, check out our “TATTOOS” page. There we will introduce you to our artists and help you match your vision to one of our artists. All of our artists have their own style and strengths when doing their tattoos/art. We want to make sure we have you linked up with the best woman or man for the job!
From there, you can contact your desired artist directly or you can message us through our email or facebook and we can set up communication with your artist that way also. 
Before messaging your artist, have an idea of what you’re interested in having tattooed. A few things your artist may need to know are :
1.) What subject matter would you like?
 2.) Where will be putting your tattoo? 
3.) What size would you like your tattoo?
 4.) Will this be in color or black and white? 
5.) Is this a cover up of an existing tattoo? ( they will want to see pictures of your existing tattoo ) 
6.) Do you have any reference pictures? ( Pictures of what you’d like to have tattooed.)
7.) When are you interested in getting your tattoo? Or starting a larger project?

Your artist will work with you to create a plan for your new work of art. Each artist works a little differently so they will instruct you how to create/schedule an appointment, collect a deposit , have a consultation if needed, and of course work with you in creating your design.
If you have already spoken with your artist and know what appointment type you need, follow the link provided to schedule your appointment with your artist. Please make sure to double check your day and time on our schedule with your personal schedule. Once deposits are made, they are non refundable. ( They DO however go towards the price of your tattoo’s overall cost.) Also, PLEASE ENSURE THE CALENDAR YOU ARE BOOKING WITH IS FOR THE ARTIST YOU ARE WORKING WITH. We have multiple artist that use the same scheduling link. :)
Our scheduling link will send you a confirmation email once your appointment is officially booked. 
If there are any complications or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at the shop, or send us a message through our email or facebook. We are happy to help you in any way we can to make this process fun and exciting! 
For Piercings, We are walk in only for piercings. Our piercers are happy to answer any questions you have prior to your piercing! You can call the shop or message us through email or facebook. Being nervous is very common and believe us, we’ve heard it all! There are no stupid questions and our piercers would be happy to explain anything to you to help alleviate any of those jitters :)
Visit our “PIERCING” page to meet our piercers and see piercing information including cost and aftercare.

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